WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2014 12:00 p.m.

1. Weld County Proclamation - Counties Helping Counties
4. Approval of Minutes of Work Session of May 13, Special Meetings of May 20 and 27, Regular Meetings of May 28 and June 11
5. Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Pitkin County, Colorado, Appointing Independent Referees (Hearing Officers) to Hear Tax Payer’s Appeals of The Pitkin County Assessor’s Valuation and Developing a List of Persons Qualified to Act as Arbitrators of Property Valuation Disputes, Jeanette Jones
6. Special Event Liquor License Application Submitted by the Friends of the Animal Shelter, Jeanette Jones
7. Emergency Ordinance Authorizing the Third Amendment to the Communications Use Lease for Elephant Mountain and the Execution of a Plan of Operations for Modifications to the Site and Rebuilding of the Powerline, Jodi Smith
8. New Retail Marijuana Application Submitted by Cooper Mason 2, LLC d/b/a Silverpeak Apothecary, Jeanette Jones
9. Ordinance Approving Acquisition of Wheatley Open Space, Matt Adeletti
10.Re solution Accepting Airport Intern State Grant, Brian Grefe
11.Or dinance Authorizing a 40-Year Ground Lease of Lands Underlying the Hunter Longhouse Condominium Project, John Ely
13.Co nfirmatory Reading Emergency Ordinance Authorizing  A 50-Year Ground Lease of Lands Underlying the Common Ground Housing Subdivision, John Ely
12.Or dinance Repealing Resolution # 062-2012 and Adopting Medical Marijuana Licensing Regulations into the Pitkin County Code, Section 6.49, John Ely
14.Re solution Authorizing the Consumer Protection Program State Contract, Kurt Dahl
15.Re solution Adopting 2014 Pitkin County Wildfire Protection Plan, Darryl Grob
16.Ga rdner-Takings Determination, (Continued to 7/9/14 at the request of Applicant to obtain additional information.), M. Kraemer  SPECIAL MEETING - EXECUTIVE SESSION in Courthouse Main Floor, Old Commissioners Meeting Room Property Acquisitions CRS 24-6-402(4)(b) ADJOURN EXECUTIVE SESSION ADJOURN REGULAR MEETING