WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 2015 12:00 p.m.

1. Proclamation for Joe Elsen
2. Additions/Deletions to Agenda
3. Public Comments
4. Commissioner Comments
5. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 10th and Work Session Meetings of June 2nd and June 9th
6. Resolution Supporting Continued Federal Ownership of Federal Public Lands, Ellen Sassano
7. Resolution Appointing Citizen Board Members, Charlotte Anderson
8. Application for a Special Event Liquor Permit Submitted by the Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter, Jeanette Jones
9. Resolution Authorizing Supplemental Appropriations for Carryover Projects, Susan Atwood
10. Resolution Approving Supplemental Appropriations January through May, 2015, Susan Atwood
11. Resolution Approving the Colorado department of Public Health and Environment Consumer Protection Contract Amendment #3, Kurt Dahl
12. Gardner-Takings Determination, (Continued to 10/14/15 at the request of Applicant), M. Kraemer
13. Nakagawa Activity Envelope and Site Plan Review Special Review for Landscaping/Building Materials Storage, and Commercial Growth Management Exemption for Insubstantial Growth Impacts, (Continued from 4/8/15), PH (PN 3/5/15), M. Kraemer
14. Open Discussion
15. Adjourn Regular Meeting