WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2015 12:00 p.m.

1. Pitkin County Cares Awards Proclamations
2. Additions/Deletions to Agenda
3. Public Comments (please limit to 5 minutes per speaker unless otherwise advised by the Chair)
4. Commissioner Comments
5. Regular Meeting Minutes of September 23, Work Session Minutes of August 25 and September 8
6. Resolution Appointing Citizen Board Members, Charlotte Anderson
7. Application for Medical Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturer License and a Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturer License submitted by John Conlin d/b/a/ The Sausage Queen, Jeanette Jones
8. Ordinance Repealing Title 14 (Asset Management Plan) and Reinstating Title 14 of the Pitkin County Code as the Road Maintenance and Management Plan, G.R. Fielding, Brian Pettet
9. Resolution Adopting Revised Pitkin County Nordic Ski Trails Plan, Gary TennenbaumResolution Authorizing Bionaz Gulch Property Acquisition, Matthew Adeletti
10. Ordinances (3) Approving Underground Right of-Way Easements for Source Gas Distribution; and between Pitkin County and the Pitkin County Capital Leasing Corporation with the City of Aspen; Qwest Corporation D/B/A Century Link QC, Jodi Smith
11. Ordinance Authorizing the Chair to Execute an Amended and Restated Agreement for Grant and Acceptance of Trail Easement from AVR AH, LLC. John Ely
16. Acceptance of  Covenant for 19 Little Cloud Trail, 2nd  Reading, L. Clarke
12. Emergency Ordinance Approving Two-Year Commercial Lease Agreements With Vectra Bank Colorado, NA and  James E. Cox Living Trust for the purpose of Housing the Office of the  Pitkin County Clerk & Recorder During the Courthouse Plaza Renovation Project, John Ely
13. A Resolution Providing Supplemental Appropriations to the 2015 Budget (June - September) Susan Atwood
14. Barry-Wehmiller Group Inc. and Aspen Glow Real Estate Development Group, Inc. Special Review for a Special Events Venue, PH (PN 9/10/15), M. Kraemer
15. 309 Sagebrush LLC Special Review for Office Space, PH (PN 9/10/15), M. Kraemer
17. Gardner-Takings Hearing, (Continued from 6/24/15), M. Kraemer-WITHDRAWN
18. Hemming GMQS Allocation, M. Kraemer
19. McBride Minor Amendment to BOCC Resolution #103-2014, S. Wolff
20. Open Discussion  20, Adjourn Regular Meeting