WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2015 12:00 p.m.

1. Additions/Deletions to Agenda
2. Public Comments
3. Commissioner Comments
4. Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting November 10th, Regular Meeting of November 18th and Work Sessions of November 5th and November 10th
5. Resolution for A Child Welfare Citizen Review Panel
6. Resolution to Appoint Citizen Board Members
7. Resolution Approving Supplemental Appropriations (September - December)
8. Resolution Approving Pitkin County Emergency Operations Plan Update
9. Ordinance Approving Coal Creek-Schumacher Property Acquisition
10. Resolution Approving IGA with the City of Aspen for the Pitkin County Nordic Ski Trails Program Management
11. Resolution Approving an IGA with Eagle County for Child Welfare and Adult Protection Services
12. Ordinance Authorizing the Chair to Execute an Amended and Restated Agreement for Grant and Acceptance of Trail Easement from AVR AH, LLC
13. Lot 5 White Star LLC-Appeal
14. Code Amendment-Tree Removal, 2nd Reading
15.  Woodard Request for Constrained Site TDR, PH
16. Review of American National Standards Institute for Disability Floor Area and Growth Management Exemptions
17. Open Discussion
18. Adjourn Regular Meeting